Arabia country begins to develop replace the sources of energy

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World energy commission releases a report to say this month, future of thalassic Arabia country needs 10 years to invest 100 billion dollar to wait for energy demand with the electric power that increases ceaselessly at satisfying its. Although local oil and natural gas natural resources are substantial still, but a lot of thalassic countries already began positive development to replace the sources of energy.

Relevant statistic shows, at present thalassic country is in or be about to the sources of energy of mount a horse replaces a project to have 120 many, include solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen to be able to wait for clean the sources of energy and coal, nuclear energy other replace the sources of energy, always invest 160 billion dollar. On March 12, first when Libyan energy department holds in this country about chief can emphasize on seminar of international of second birth the sources of energy, each country of middle east North Africa should increase those who develop clean environmental protection but second birth the sources of energy, realize the diversification of the sources of energy of this area.