International Monetary Fund warns African country to face power shortage

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International Monetary Fund is forecasted, although the near future took reform step, but African area will still continue to be faced with electric power to supply shortage problem.

Kenya " banner signs up for " 28 days of reports, international Monetary Fund says, the Sahara with the way that area of south Africa continent realizes reliable electric power generally to supply is very hard still, this need makes effective plan, strengthen international to cooperate, and good governmental management.

According to the Sahara of international Monetary Fund with the analysis of foreground of economy of region of south Africa continent, this area had the country of nearly 2/3 to experience severe electric power crisis last year, often long power cut.

International Monetary Fund says, although conflict and drought caused a few crises, but main reason or electric power are supplied do not follow to go up the development of demand. "The electric power of south Africa produces the half above that occupies this area, but even if south Africa also faces regular power cut, because in recent years electric power supplies nervous " .

In addition, the Sahara with the electric power of area of south Africa continent is supplied finite, be in especially a rural area. This area has the population of 24% to be able to use electrify only, and the rate using phone of country of other low income is achieved 40% . And the electrification of this area expands speed wants slow at country of other low income.

International Monetary Fund says, industry of this area power is faced with a lot of contradiction, for example the standard of international of prep above of average charge of electricity of this area, but income of charge of electricity pays operation cost not quite however, and the poor is used again do not have report.

It points out, want to solve problem of long-range power shortage, the Sahara with area of south Africa continent must go to the 3% investment of gross domestic product power industry, build power plant, throw even at the same time 3% use at manage and defending these power plant. And at present the investment of this two respects takes gross domestic product only 0.7% with 2% .
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