Supplier of system of Danish wind cable values Chinese market

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Supplier of system of Danish wind cable Ditelie Yingge said presiding apparitor of company of group of system of wind-force of dimension Si Dasi a few days ago, china has become afterwards Europe and United States besides, weisidasi is in the 3rd big market of the whole world.

Weisidasi is one of companies of wind cable system with the at present biggest whole world, the global market share 2007 is 23% . Asia-Pacific area occupies Weisidasi the market share of 17% .

"Although market share still is not the biggest, but what China will become market of cable of prospective world wind to develop is important pull motivation to measure. " Ditelie Yingge says.

He expresses, china has become Weisidasi to did not come to the main area that the strategy develops.

According to introducing, weisidasi is planning to build 3 plants in Tianjin at present, control a system namely factory, mechanical facility plant and cast a factory. Weisidasi already set 4 shops now in China, it is dynamo factory, engine room respectively / axle factory and factory of 2 fan lamina, locate Tianjin. Weisidasi has begun large quantities of quantities to produce the fan V90-2.0 million with Chinese the at present greatest power to cover with tiles in the factory of Tianjin.