The government invests improvement of 87 million dollar and the electrified wire

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Will nearly 6 years installed a government to expend 87 million dollar to be used at improving Luoanda's electrified wire netting and appearance of enlarge of electrified wire netting in all, make 70 thousand families are benefited. This project is by Luoanda power company is finished, it is Angola city electrified wire netting the content in changing extend to plan, project of first phase begins 2003, a few urban districts that are Angola installed 60 to be defeated by transformer substation. The 2nd period project only then 2005, installed 60 to be defeated by transformer substation, enlarge electrified wire netting of the low pressure in a few urban districts such as GOLFE, the 3rd period project general this year start working of second half of the year, install power station of 7 high pressure for a few areas such as Weiana. All installation of these transformer substation will solve the problem using phone of 8000 10 thousand families of Luo Anda city.