Expert: Earnestly of field of energy of Asian country cleanness requires extensi

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On conference of Asian Development Bank, energy expert appeals to Asian country cleanness energy field has extensive investment 3 days, warn say to be like not seasonable investment, aggravate climate aggravation, the ability that at the same time Asian country should rise in price to the sources of energy also more will flimsy.

Asian Development Bank points out, to 2030, asian country will have 6. The new energy resources of 4 trillion dollar invests demand. The data of Asian Development Bank shows, the investment of field of clean 2007 energy reachs 148 billion dollar. However, among them the investment of the majority flowed to European etc developed country can replace energy field. Because lack the policy that supports a gender and law, the investment that Asian country gets is inferior by comparison.

Asian Development Bank expresses, if adopt what measure reduces pair of traditional the sources of energy not in time to depend on, the double retype that Asian country will suffer skyrocket of the sources of energy and climate aggravate aggravation is attacked.

"Reach its in view of current oil price the influence to climate, now is the optimal opportunity that take action, "The environment of American Agency for International Development is in charge of Wensidu Braun to say, "If do not take action now, the cost that reassume acts in the future will be higher. The cost that reassume acts in the future will be higher..