Indian power company buys abroad coal mine quickly

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Near future of company of power of trustworthy of tycoon of Indian power industry will invest to 1 billion dollar is bought and develop the Sumatra austral Indonesia to save a large colliery.

India " commercial line signs up for " report 2 days, trustworthy electric power is new what this bought coal-master wants production to generate electricity for vapour only is high grade second soft coal, ascertain reserves 2 billion tons, can extract reserve 1.2 billion tons, the plan came 2012 the put into production between 2013. The yield of this colliery coal basically will supply India An Dela state and Mahalasitela two of state large power stations. Among them, the power station installed capacity that brings De Labang is 40 million kilowatt, will use at was being thrown 2013.

Trustworthy electric power is the 2nd arrives Indonesian the Indian company that seeks coal natural resources. 2007, company of power of Indian tower tower obtains l of a of o of C of   of a of m of i of r of P of   of m of i of t of l of a of K of   of PT of Indonesian and large colliery 3 become stock, contributive 1.1 billion dollar will be Indonesian a of i of s of e of n of o of d of n of I of m of i of t of u of r of A of   of PT of another large colliery brings into general.

Indian media reports, electric power is in short supply had become the bottleneck that restricts Indian economy progress. Below the stimulation of domestic demand, indian power company increased the strength that buys abroad coal mine.