Japanese enterprise will begin large solar energy to generate electricity in Eur

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Issue of Yi Teng faithful trade will begin large-scale solar energy to generate electricity in Europe establishment develops business. The plan invests the capital of more than 110 billion yen, build to bespread a solar battery on big land in hamster above all board " solar energy garden area " (Solar Park) . To protect an environment, the assist policy that European each country is generating electricity to discharging the solar energy of carbon dioxide in aggrandizement. Additional, xia Pu and live friendly trade issue also is making solar energy generate electricity business plan, japanese enterprise already began to begin to begin relevant professional work in Europe in succession.

In Germany and Spain, power company buys solar energy to generate electricity with the 3 times price at charge of electricity of family expenses report the electric energy of generation. The other country such as hamster also is in guide solar energy generates electricity favourable measure.

Yi Teng faithful will with 5 point were developed in Germany the Norwegian solar battery of area of solar energy garden uses silicon material to produce business to begin professional work together. Will generate electricity the earliest to its June subsidiary is contributive.