Iranian generating capacity will amount to tile of 50 thousand million

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Iran " the sources of energy " monthly magazine reported recently, reporter of this print engage by special arrangement Dr. Shahram Samani expresses, at present generating capacity is Iran 47 thousand million is made of baked clay, and hopeful is in future achieves 50 thousand million to cover with tiles inside 3 months.

He points out, iranian electric power is used up tremendous, use 4 times n is world average level at present, and increase by degrees every year 8% . Namely, 10-12 of generating capacity every other year must turn over ability one time to satisfy requirement.

Company of Iranian electrified wire netting is forecasted, generating capacity of the Iran inside 20 years will amount to future 120 thousand million is made of baked clay. This company thinks, iran has advantage of advantaged favourable geographical position: Iranian electrified wire netting already was linked together with country of circumjacent border on. Iran is considering Xiang Zhongya and on the west inferior economic collaboration is organized (ECO) member country undertakes electric power is exported.