Uganda power shortage will be more severe

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Recently, black power transmission company (UETCL) say, because match equipment of electrified wire netting to destroy to be defeated artificially, will bring about electric power of black part area to supply interrupt, will browbeat bank information system is safe.  

Power transmission company is in black at present the whole nation owns network of 1400 kilometers power transmission, voltage grade from 66 to 132 kilovolt, set 12 transformer substation to transmit electric power from power station. Among them the transmit electricity net that 225 kilometers transmit 132 kilovolt voltage uses odd model optical fibre cable, at the same time these cable still are used at transmitting bank and communication company data. About 30 eletroplate and metallic circuitry is destroyed intentionally by with pilfer, line of partial nut, mainstay and line hook are walked along by pilfer, this will minatory electrified wire netting is safe, bring about electric power of ministry of black Chinese and Western to interrupt even. Black the eastpart part and upper zone electrified wire netting also exist similar problem.

Power transmission company says black, destroy this year with cause at power transmission network repeatedly, company loss is close 300 thousand dollar, power facilities safeguards charge to increase considerably, in the meantime, these behavior also will produce certain effect to black economy progress.