Tycoon of nuclear cable technology is added to drive global nucleus report to be

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Company of Canadian nuclear energy (the skill of report of nucleus of low uranous cost that AECL) shows the world to precede in the round in Beijing today, present ACR-1000 reactor model and joint development to Tsinghua university advanced heavy water piles thorium radical fuel. Both sides expresses, section uranium falls bad news, drive global nucleus report to be able to develop continuously.

AECL company aims at Chinese nucleus report to expand the huge market demand of technologies of pair of low uranous cost, play the fair of industry of nucleus of the 10th China International that holding in Beijing, the skill of report of nucleus of CANDU of low uranous cost that shows this company world to precede. The Canadian house of this exhibition is held in exhibition of Beijing China agriculture, AECL donated 3 generation to add model of reactor of advanced design ACR-1000 to Tsinghua university today.

Because global nuclear report anabiosises,caused crude uranous price to rise quickly and potential natural uranous fuel supplies the problem such as breach, CANDU technology with its low uranous cost reachs the capacity that gets used to all sorts of different type nuclear fuel, cause attention in group of international nucleus cable more and more.

According to introducing, AECL company is one extraction bound lead nuclear technology company, have the technology of low uranous cost that original creation develops. Be in China, the nuclear power plant of hill of Chinese the Qin Dynasty of AECL and joint development of company of group of Chinese nucleus industry 3 period the project shifts to an earlier date put into production of nearly 4 month building, economic investment 10.6% , created remarkable economic benefits and social benefit.

Recently, AECL studies with Chinese nuclear power the designing institute was signed again " collaboration of advanced reactor technology forgives memorandum " , key of collaboration of research and development is technology of advanced fuel loop.