1000 foliaceous counties of Japanese build Japan power station of the sources of

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According to foreign media coverage, it is raw material with deserted housing materials, can generate electricity hourly through recycle the power station of biology the sources of energy of about 50 thousand kilowatt, was in Japan recently the Mitsui shipbuilding of former town of town of 1000 leaves county builds inside place of 1000 leaves career. According to saying, this power station can reduce 350 thousand tons carbon dioxide every year (CO2) discharge, be equivalent to managing the crude oil of 100 thousand kiloliter. Power station of this biology the sources of energy that serves as fuel with litter renewable resources is belonged to at present inside Japan the most large-scale.

Mitsui shipbuilding company says, the main fuel that place of this power station uses, be those or be filled to bury or cast off lumber, useless plastic originally with wastepaper despotic form fuel (RPF) . Every year about 250 thousand tons deserted material can get recycle here.

This power station passes boiler combustion as fuel with abandoning lumber and RPF, the heat that produces is electric power by changeover of steam motorship engine again. What send electric power to be sold to Tokyo power company.