Burmese make a surprise attack to already caused 351 people death by strong trop

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Burmese state-operated media says 4 days, assault Burmese strong tropical storm to already caused death of at least 351 people, storm destroyed thousands of building, the electric power that makes Burmese the biggest city admires light is supplied interrupt.  

Burmese government TV station says, tropical storm " Naerjisi " 3 days some earlier moment with horary the speed per hour of 192 kilometers made a surprise attack Burmese, 5 Burmese areas already were announced by disaster area. The report says, at least 351 people die in storm assault, include the 109 people that die on a coastal islands among them, other a lot of deads die in delta of the river end the Yiluowa with inferior altitude. The Labuda in delta of the river end Yiluowa is pressed down, the building of 75% already collapsed.

The member that U.N. is stationed in humanitarian of the representative that admire light to coordinate blocks Ye to say: "Delta of the river end Yiluowa is stricken be hit by a natural adversity the heaviest area, because,this is not only wind and rain, and because be the speed of storm,still quickened. The village over there is occupied say complete already by raze to the ground. U.N. plan will appoint a working group tomorrow in order to evaluate the situation of a disaster, first effort is interrupted as a result of road suffocate suffocate and line and be thwarted. Current communication condition is very poor, so I cannot tell you a lot of circumstances. So I cannot tell you a lot of circumstances..

Yang Guang's eyewitness says, speed per hour is as high as the storm of 192 kilometers to make the housetop of hundreds building is blown off, guesthouse, school, hospital sufferred destroy, the electric power of whole town is supplied interrupt. The report says state-operated newspaper today, yang Guang's International Airport still was not opened, domestic flight number already was turned toward Mandele. The member that an U.N. is stationed in Yang Guangguan says: "Circumstance very flooey, almost all buildings are damaged, the situation of people is very bad. All road were jammed, without water, also do not have report. Also do not have report..

Dwellers say, yang Guang's dwellers already took a risk to come out to buy housing materials in order to repair their house, price of every gallon petrolic already rose to 10 dollars by 2.5 dollars in blackmarket, already turned over 3 times to the price of all things of housing materials from the egg.