Japanese power industry enlarges development actively but second birth the sourc

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Reporter Wang Yingbin reports according to abroad media reports, federation of Japanese electric facilities gets the better of Yu Heng Jiuhui to grow to expressed recently, to achieve the goal of low carbon society, japanese power industry will devote oneself to actively to develop nuclear energy and enlarge can the development of second birth the sources of energy is used. Make be not fossil the sources of energy hard before 2020 (nuclear energy, hydraulic, but second birth the sources of energy) the scale that takes total the sources of energy by active agreement 40% expand to 50% . Wind-force generates electricity will achieve about 5 million kilowatt, than present outstanding achievement growth makes an appointment with 2 times; Solar energy generates electricity will amount to kilowatt of 1 ten million, make an appointment with 6 times than growing now; Water heater of carbon dioxide hot pump (ECOCUTE) sales volume gains ground accumulative total stage of about 1 ten million to 2020.

The side is supplied in electric power, falling hard to raise a nucleus to generate electricity for major premise with safety moving efficiency, scale takes place of blame fossil the sources of energy to rise before 2020 50% . About but the practical outstanding achievement of second birth the sources of energy, end 2007 the statistic of end, wind-force generates electricity about 1.7 million kilowatt, solar energy generates electricity is about 1.5 million kilowatt.

In addition, those who continue to advance LNG firepower to generate electricity with coal fired firepower is efficient use, propel the research that developed country and developing country generate electricity to coal fired firepower.

On the other hand, up to to 2007 the statistic of end, the water heater of hot pump of carbon dioxide of new-style home appliance that has zoology and energy-saving advantage (ECOCUTE) sales volume accumulative total makes an appointment with 1.24 million. For energy-saving decrease a platoon, arouse the consciousness of managing the sources of energy of consumer, will popularize a family to use carbon dioxide to heat up pump water heater energetically, strive to popularize stage of 1 ten million to 2020.