Indian Electricity Department is hit press " China to make " combine China of Eu

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It is Chinese equipment obviously cheap good, but India is relevant,the branch wants seek far and neglect what lies close at hand unluckily however --

A month comes, company of some large power equipment is stationed in China Indian delegate point is unusually busy, all employee are aroused the matters concerned that to India bargaining of each government sector builds plant go into operation in India -- because imprint,just will be opposite the barrier with new setting of equipment of direct import China.

"We this also is against a rainy day... the company undertakes very smoothly originally to Indian export business. " should tell on behalf of department chief " international pioneer gazette " , the factory is built to involve complex legal program in India, need those who hold high to assume impose the ground and manpower cost, experience the construction cycle that is as long as several years even.

Who be after all, force Chinese company such " abandon it is difficult to be begged easily " ?

Hit in the center of India press a place

Original, indian Electricity Department the first ten days of a month suggested to premier Xin Ge in April, if foreign company participates in invite public bidding of Indian power project, must in order to use " India is made " power facilities is premise.

According to Indian media coverage, electricity Department this offers to already got premier office is approved, be about to choose an auspicious day is announced. This plans one day go into effect, power project bids business will have no right supplier of own choice device, must purchase Indian this locality or the relevant equipment of the production that build a plant invests technically in India.

" Indian times " opinion on public affairs of personage of reportorial quote information says, stop to import the decision of equipment of Chinese power plant, only then the political pressure that helps local government bring to bear on to Xi Mengjia from Lameishen of minister of Indian business affairs. Lameishen is the bigwig of general affairs of administration director electric power.

Come several years, india is saved each and power plant of build of civilian battalion company, tendency use price is low and for goods rapid China makes equipment, xi Mengjia pulls governmental churchyard 3 large power plant, use the device that imports from China entirely.

Although the ban lets Xi Mengjia help a government vinegary, but must adopt a certain number of remedying measure. According to Indian media coverage, bengal government is planning build on the west a large power plant, use China to import equipment of purpose originally, but after this ban comes on stage, must change to purchase equipment to Indian manufacturer.

Be based on the consideration of market of long-term development India, company of Chinese power equipment is accelerated imprinting the pace that investment builds a plant, not fathomless also.
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