Wu Kelan and White Russia supply power of extensive telegram in reply the talk

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Dispatch of net of international the sources of energy: According to abroad media on April 19 base complementary report, aoliege Bujiayefu of the first undersecretary said Wu Kelan fuel and energy department on April 18, wu Kelan and White Russia om a few days will restore to supply the talk of the problem about electric power.

When the concerned White Russia that puts forward in answer media reporter rejects to buy the issue of electric energy from Wukelan, Bujiayefu publishs afore-mentioned addresses.

Bujiayefu confirms say, bilateral footing heretofore still does not have any changes. The price that White Russia does not prepare to press Wu Kelan respect to allude buys Wukelan's electric power, and the price that Wukelan also does not wish to press petty gain sells electric power to White Russia.

However, bujiayefu says, two countries all is opposite through White Russia all countries supply the of great capacity of Xiang Bo collect be related of Wu Kelan electric power has fun at. (Li Jun is compiled)