Spanish wind-force generates electricity record-breaking take total electric pow

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According to foreign media coverage, association of Spanish wind cable said a few days ago, wind-force generates electricity to be recorded in Spanish innovation, last week a certain period of time, wind report occupies wastage of this state total electric power 40% above.

Last Saturday late gale blows Spain suddenly, wind-force generates electricity 9.862 million kilowatt, 40.8% what occupy wastage of total electric power, because electric power is used up on the weekend not tall. Mix last Friday between on Saturday, 28% what wind-force generates electricity to occupy wastage of Spanish total electric power on average, this number leads forefathers group. Electric notes is Spanish wind to was created March 4, generate electricity ten million and thirty-two thousand kilowatt, but because be common weekday, reason place holds proportion not tall. Spanish wind-force generates electricity to comparatived with water and electricity first 2007.

Last year July, the government approves a few laws, allow to construct coastal wind electric field in coasting, serve as it increase can change the sources of energy proportional method. Although compare terrestrial wind electric field costly, but the advantage that can get wind however along sea wind electric field, wind is stronger, stable.

Spain and Germany and Denmark are same, one of countries of production of 3 gale electricity are in country of member of 27 European Unions. To the end of 2020, this country will increase proportion of new energy resources 3 times.