Aersitong announces strategy of Chinese market clean electric power

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On May 29, aersitong announced strategy of electric power of Chinese market cleanness in Beijing, the carbon that aims to have commercial feasibility at carrying sacrificial vessel 2015 captures technical solution.

Current, 40% what the carbon dioxide that global power house discharges takes total discharge capacity of global carbon dioxide, because of this carbon captures and storing the technology is realizing global carbon dioxide to decrease there is crucial effect in the platoon. Aersitong is dedicated all the time the research and development that at carbon dioxide oxygen boosting combustion is caught and the skill takes after combustion, there is nine experiment factory to try in the whole world at present run concerned skill, the target is to arrive to realized combustion hind to catch a technology to commercialize 2015, controlled those who achieve solution of oxygen boosting combustion to commercialize 2020. Aersitong carries out vice-president to express, use technology of clean electric power, will make like China such rising market is in should challenge to the environment while, do not damage economic growth, because this carbon captures,the technology is a very significant task.