Ou Yafa exhibits a bank to plan to invest Russia to export a project to Chinese

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According to coverage of Russia news network, ou Yafa exhibits a bank to express, should participate in Russia to unite company of power system international to export the project of electric power to China of purpose all right. This project plan exports electric power of 60 billion kilowatt hour every year before 2020 to China. Inside frame of this one project, the electric power value that exports every year to China is amounted to 12 to 1.7 billion dollar.

Ou Yafa exhibits a bank to was established jointly by Russia and Kazakstan Si Tan in January 2006. This banking law decides capital to be 1.5 billion dollar, among them Kazakstan Si Tan is contributive 500 million dollar, russia is contributive 1 billion dollar.

Russia unites company of power system international to have a series of generating electricity that carry establishment with electric power outside Russia churchyard. The capacity of aircraft of power station general assembly of the administer below this company achieved 8000 million to cover with tiles. This company is undertaking actively investing an activity, take dominant place in domain of imports and exports of Russia electric power.