Begin collaboration of nuclear fuel aftertreatment Sino-Frenchly

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"China's huge nuclear cable market nots allow to ignore " , this lets orchid · of A of chairman of committee of French nuclear energy finish add the journey sheet 2008, china was become most the destination that often appears.

Since by 2007, french president Sakeqi is French recapture two Europe control first phase project of stage hill nuclear power plant on the history of report of " France nucleus of water reactor most after large order " , collaboration of Sino-French nuclear energy enters a new development level.

On March 28, in " industry of nucleus of the 10th China International exhibits " France to exhibit a group, lan Bijia accepted A the exclusive special interview of our newspaper reporter. It is very important that he thinks " builds good nuclear power plant, return what should take nuclear power plant seriously to move to manage with trash at the same time, especially the processing of lack fuel, this is the crucial seat that nuclear energy develops. "This is French respect the lack fuel in announcing Sino-French nucleus report publicly to expand cooperation first handles an issue.

Aftertreatment of alleged lack fuel, the contains in the fuel of fission hard useful part in pointing to pair of nuclear power plant undertakes depart and reclaiming using, form loop of nuclear fuel of a kind of closed circuit. For this whole to construction of a country nuclear industry system particularly crucial.

Change according to Chinese hair appoint offerred data, at present China already installed capacity makes an appointment with report of nucleus of put into production 9 million kilowatt, 1.3% what take chance of electric power general assembly only, and the average scale of the world is 16% . In A Lan Bijia accepts before interviewing 5 days, zhang Guobao of director of bureau of energy resources of nation of the first to be appointed to an office develops high-level forum in " China put forward on " , adjust structure of the sources of energy, want report of preferential development nucleus, in divulging the near future plans to adjust national nucleus report, long-term development plans, strive nuclear report occupied scale of machine of electric power general assembly to achieve 5% above 2020.

First phase of stage hill nuclear power plant goes well

<21 century > : Does Xing of apricot of  of  of discharge of  Shun Wo cut respect of France of word inn? into parts to be opposite this second exhibit meeting result satisfactory?

A Lan Bijia: Short for Weihe River of end of the Huaihe River of show off of chasm of art Piao reason lures? of Sun revive appraise the nuclear phone company with my almost all and main discovery comes round to join exhibit, and undertook elaborate preparation. This not strange also, china's enormous nuclear energy progress planned to attract the interest of a lot of countries, also facilitate the vast power that they develop new technology.
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