China emphasizes realizing the sources of energy to be able to develop continuou

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Sun Qin of deputy director general of bureau of energy resources of the Chinese head of delegation that attending forum of the sources of energy of the 11st international in Italian Rome, nation is in 22 days when congress makes a speech, emphasize, the sources of energy is global problem, great majority country cooperates impossibly from border of found a state and obtain energy security to ensure, want to realize the sources of energy to be able to develop continuously, need relies on the joint efforts of world each country.

Sun Qin points out, in light of the historical course that already had taken from the mankind, industrialization is wealth of society accumulates fast, standard of living to raise rapid historical level, also be the sources of energy consumes big historical level at the same time. How to solve increasingly austere population, resource, environment and industrialization to accelerate, the contradiction that economy grows quickly, implementation can develop continuously, it is the issue that human development needs to reply.

He says, realize industrialization and modern developed country as go ahead of the rest, should be the sources of energy to be able to develop continuously assume bigger responsibility. This is because of the developed country not only in the process that advances industrialization and modernization, had drained the energy resources with many whole world and mineral products resource, and because at present the developed country remains the main customer of global energy natural resources. The developed country built up so unprecedented, enormous material wealth, behoove assumes an as corresponding as this responsibility, can last what devote oneself to the sources of energy of stimulative whole world development.

Sun Qin emphasizes, the developed country ought to take the lead in managing the sources of energy, the sources of energy that reduces unit gross domestic product is used up; What should increase pair of energy technology research and development is devoted, drive clean coal technology actively to wait efficient the international that uses fossil fuel field cooperates, strengthen but second birth the sources of energy and hydrogen can, the technical research and development of the sources of energy such as nuclear energy; Ought to transfer advanced and energy-saving technology morely to the developing country, handle promotion of protection of good capital investment, intellectual property, technology to wait for a problem, supportive developing country uses the sources of energy effectively.

When introducing Chinese energy policy, sun Qin says, chinese government takes problem of environmental protection of the sources of energy seriously very, and will " environmental protection " a when regard the sources of energy as policy main component. He says, come for years, chinese government height takes managing the sources of energy seriously, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency hard, raise energy technology level ceaselessly, popularize the advanced energy technology such as clean coal extensively, develop energetically include but second birth the sources of energy inside clean the sources of energy.
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