New discovery of uranic of Kazakstan Si Tan will satisfy the need of the whole w

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Xinhua net message, according to the United States " fortune " magazine website reports Kazakstan the need that new discovery of Si Tan new uranic will satisfy a whole world.

In Kazakstan A of the capital before Si Tan pulls wood to pursue, had gotten on for before dawn now a bit. No matter this time still talks to having a meal already too late. But, the Kazakstan that does poineering work independently eats caviar and tuna edge to introduce to us by the side of " Moukhtar Dzhakishev of uranous czar of Si Tan " , company of his phone of small-sized and state-owned nucleus will dominate very quickly industry of global nuclear energy.

He is very relaxed say, "I think to won't have competitor, if have me with respect to annex they. If have me with respect to annex they..

In Kazakstan Si Tan, what the president plunges into Er Ba Ye's husband then is familial controlled the rich resource with this major nation. And Dzhakishev of 44 years old is a special case, he is an entrepreneur that accepts education in Moscow, and be in Russia disintegrate when the mining company that received a management difficulty and remove the biggest beyond Australia uranium on the world.

Now, rise as the violent wind of price of the uranium in 3 years, he discovers he had lain the front row of a list of names posted up of global uranium fortune, also became this country to have one of people of ascendancy most, gained greater and greater influence.

When Dzhakishev pays close attention to uranium, range is wide global nuclear energy revives just start. The whole world is calefacient torturous international morality, people is eager to finding the sources of energy that replaces coal carbon.

Have development latent capacity more compared with nuclear energy without what the sources of energy, more economy is feasible, energy loss is fewer. In future inside a few years, the electric power of the world is used will break up time, almost every industrial state home builds nuclear power plant in the consideration. Inside alive bound limits, 34 new nuclear power plant are in construction, still have program of 280 plans be includinged. China also built 5 nuclear power plant to satisfy the electric power need of this country independently.
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