First three quarters of exports in Fujian Fuan Qicheng more electrical products

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According to the Fujian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics, from January to September, the council Fu motor 2364500 export inspection units, $ 247,000,000, an increase of 75.7% and 77.6%. Fu is the "export base of Chinese small and medium motor" and "small motor capital of China", the export volume of small and medium accounting for about one-third of the motor. The first three quarters of this year, overall growth Fuan motor show good export trend, there are four characteristics: First, the 14-round growth of international exports to major markets, including South Africa, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Myanmar's exports doubled; Second, motors, generators, diesel generators export varieties of the three-round growth, export value growth rate as high as 80.9%, 72.3% and 79.5%; Third, growth in major export enterprises generally include one 61 second-class management of all export value growth, earned a total of $ 200,000,000; fourth overall exports to the EU high-end market growth in exports to the EU reached 630 200 motor units, $ 29,112,500, an increase of 103.6% and 65.2%.