Southern electrified wire netting adopts measure to ensure the estivate that gre

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Since this year, southern electrified wire netting grows with electric demand faster. End at present, bear of attune of entire network interconnected system achieves the history 3 times new tall, highest amount to 81.55 million kilowatt, grow 12% compared to the same period; Report sends Guangdong real the greatest electric power on the west 16 million kilowatt, grow 37.5% compared to the same period, achieve the history new tall. During predicting to greet peak estivate this year, all of southern electrified wire netting moves highest bear demand to will achieve 93 million kilowatt to control, equilibrium of parcel area report is difficult, separation of the greatest electric power makes an appointment with 6 million kilowatt.

Current, the company is being carried out seriously fulfil the with relevant ministries and commissions concerned deploy central, adopt multinomial measure to had done work of the estivate that greet a peak, ensure the power supply of on the safe side during the Olympic Games.

It is to be fulfilled seriously assure safety precaution of electrified wire netting. Do do run mode of fine electrified wire netting greatly, strengthen hidden trouble to the platoon is checked and be administered, especially the disappear of equipment of stricken be hit by a natural adversity rehabilitate is short of, great be short of with urgent blemish disappear rate achieve 100% , enhance 2 systems such as protection, smooth and steady, communication move safeguard, lash-up of ceaseless and perfect electrified wire netting beforehand case, raise the ability that answers electrified wire netting to break out incident and level.

2 it is to ensure advocate important equipment mixes the net on the west report east send advocate passageway equipment on the safe side moves. The company is in finished before the bottom in April basically be defeated change electric equipment overhaul, predict to the end of June the year that can complete installation on schedule overhauls a plan.

3 it is to take care of bit of project truly on schedule put into production. Plan put into production first half of the year 10 major project, increase on the west report east send a passageway the capacity, alleviate situation of insecurity of Guangdong electric power.

4 it is to establish linkage mechanism, the sources of energy such as safeguard coal is supplied. The company already supplied harmonious group at establishing electric coal on May 13, establish mechanism of linkage of the power plant about coal circumstance, electrified wire netting, government, strengthen what supply a case to coal of report of company of phone of the fire inside area of southern electrified wire netting to dog master, release early-warning information in time, cooperate a government to coordinate solve electric coal problem, ensure safety of electrified wire netting and electric power to supply hard.

5 it is to maintain the close tie with atmosphere branch, fulfil flood prevention to prevent typhonic meet an emergency beforehand case, strengthen lash-up drilling, fulfil goods and materials to lay in, do good flood prevention or control actively to defend typhonic work.
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