Sanyo demonstrate environmentally friendly vehicle battery production facility

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Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. 18 open to the media shows in the city of Hyogo Prefecture, Western Canada Western Canada plant, the plant has a production area of the new hybrid car with a lithium battery factory. The new plant was completed in July this year, is expected to begin production within. Originally planned to produce 1 million cells, the current will increase the equipment, and strive in 2015 to produce 10 million.

While the Sanyo and Panasonic parent groups accounted for the total global shipments of the first lithium ion, but in recent years, manufacturers in Korea and China under the national support to catch up the trend. With the motor car and electric cars mixing popularity, demand for automotive lithium batteries will continue to rise, major manufacturers will be considered as the main battlefield of the next, will accelerate the expansion of production scale.

Sanyo to spend about 130 billion yen (about 1.06 billion yuan) plant construction for the new factory. New factory for the five-story building, with a total area of 43,000 square meters. Expected to use lithium batteries in hybrid motor car production, the new plant will be the monthly output is Tokushima factory (located in Matsushige-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, to produce about 100,000) about 10 times the production base.