Company of national electrified wire netting makes 6 measure do good earthquake

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On May 12, 2008 14 when 28 minutes, churchyard of county of plain of short of Wenshui River produces autonomous prefecture of Tibetian of dam of A of Sichuan northwest ministry 7.8 class earthquake. After happening of the situation of a disaster, company at 14 when start lash-up mechanism 40 minutes, allotted quickly " the urgent announcement that works about reinforcing aseismatic meet an urgent need providing disaster relief " , " transmit country endowment appoint the urgent announcement that be monitored about strengthening seismic the situation of a disaster and answers the job " and " good about doing principal user and Gao Wei user are aseismatic provide disaster relief protect power supply to be versed in. 2 working groups that lead conduction band group by the company already Sichuan of leave for different destinations, Shaanxi is stricken be hit by a natural adversity area.

12 days of evening, company of national electrified wire netting holds telephone meeting, communicated standing committee of central the Political Bureau and the State Council urgent meeting spirit, country asks related concerned branch directive and company, deploy fights the specific work of calamity rush to deal with an emergency, urgent make known to lower levels is aseismatic provide disaster relief 6 measure.

One, each unit proves the case such as damage of facilities of limits of disaster area power cut, power and unit personal casualty quickly, had done undertake rush to repair of electrified wire netting and resumptive fundamental sex work. Communication, traffic waits to interrupt an area south Gansu of Sichuan A dam, Gansu Province, constituent personnel heads for the spot to understand a situation on foot, report information in time.

2, it is important to ensure pair of report irons, communication, hospital to wait with all one's strength user and dweller life power supply, accelerate rush to repair of electrified wire netting to restore, preferential it is normal to recover stress unit, principal user power supply, assemble team of rush to repair, generator car and electric power goods and materials boost stricken be hit by a natural adversity area.

3, had done seriously right secondary of calamity be on guard and answer. Place of close surveillant company belongs to circumstance of hydroelectric station large dams, those who organize pair of main line and transformer substation is special make one's rounds, run mode of reasonable arrangement electrified wire netting, have specific aim make meddlesome reason forecast, make the lash-up preparation that produces aftershock very possibly, prevent secondary calamity incident happens.

4, the person safeguard of the member that do lucky travel watch, the person in ensuring rush to repair resumes a course is safe. The security that enhances key place defends the work, prevent to have nothing to do personnel enters electrified wire netting to produce moving section.
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