Wen Jiabao chairs conference of the State Council to study deploy strengthens po

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Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together 7 days to open the State Council standing conference, study deploy strengthens power system to fight calamity ability construction, listen to Ministry of Public Health about beginning the summer energetically the patriotic and wholesome motion, report that strengthens job of contagion prevention and cure, discuss and the principle is passed " contract external project regulation (draft) " .

The conference points out, power industry is the fundamental industry of relation the national economy and the people's livelihood and public utility. The Xue Bing of rain of big range low temperature that in south of the our country at the beginning of this year the area suffers freezes in calamity, power facilities bedding face accumulates attaint, expose a weak point of power system existence. Basically be: On the low side of standard of fortify of main power facilities, development of facilities of each voltage grade does not coordinate electrified wire netting, distribution network builds opposite lag to wait. The conference emphasizes, must sum up snow of rain of beat back low temperature to freeze the experience of calamity is taught a lesson seriously, raise power system to resist hard the ability of natural disaster, utmost reduces the loss that natural disaster causes, security of safeguard nation energy resources and national economy move normally. Want to optimize composition of structure of power source electrified wire netting, hold to electrified wire netting, power source to coordinate development. 2 want the influence with mature natural safe to electric power disaster, transmission network of electrified wire netting should keep away from as far as possible area of natural disaster easy hair and establishment safeguard difficult area. 3 should execute poor dissimilation to design to main power facilities and circuitry, raise fortify level appropriately. 4 want positive innovation electric power to refuse calamity technology, security of give attention to two or morethings and economy, edit and perfect the electric power that fits our country national condition to build standard and standard. 5 should take project quality management seriously highly, quality of serious executive nation supervises management to concern a provision, perfect safety guarantees a system. 6 should reinforce the prediction that monitor, the branch such as atmosphere, environmental protection, land and irrigation works wants as will safe as electrified wire netting relevant data brings into daily observation limits, raise calamity to forecast with early-warning ability. 7 should do good calamity to be on guard answer, various people government should make the place and perfect our region resists of serious and natural disaster beforehand case. 8 should execute the law strictly, cogent do safety of good electric power to superintend, supervise and urge consciousness of safety of power company aggrandizement, strengthen safety administration, raise level of power system safety.
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