After Sichuan calamity start working of power plant of county of a kind of jade

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On June 26, first phase of power plant of county of a kind of jade of Sichuan China report 600 thousand kilowatt of 2 × " go up to be pressed greatly small " build celebration of engineering go into operation to be held in county of Sichuan a kind of jade, cloud citizen attends vice secretary of general manager of company of China cable group, leading Party group celebration speaks, sichuan saves vice-governor Wang Ning to announce engineering go into operation. Sichuan saves Cui Anyi of governmental deputy secretary-general to chair start working foundation stone laying ceremony.

Cloud citizen goes out in speaking middle finger, first phase project of power plant of county of a kind of jade of Sichuan China report is saved as Sichuan this year one of 50 major projects, and " 5.12 " hair of the country after earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River changes appoint the Sichuan of approve the first major project, after construction of its start working restores calamity to Sichuan, rebuild, the port with accelerate development to having very principal, accord with Sichuan province to accelerate development, scientific progress, good the overall orientaton of rapid development, it is the win-win of collaboration of city of guest of China cable group and Sichuan province, appropriate, plentiful and substantial that conspires development achievement. Cloud citizen emphasizes, china cable group will be in city of guest of Sichuan province, appropriate Party Committee of all levels, government and of concerned branch support energetically below, had paid project government with all one's strength, do one's best builds a power plant, drive one party economy, people of benefit one party, common people of rich one party. His hope ginseng builds each to just be fulfilled seriously " how, fast, good, province, cheap " requirement, cooperative control safety, quality, plan, cost, ensure engineering go into operation, benefit double amount to mark, make project of high grade high-quality goods hard, to Sichuan province and appropriate guest people hand in a satisfactory exam paper.

Yang Dong of director of standing committee of National People's Congress of secretary of appropriate guest municipal Party committee, city is unripe express, will strengthen the cooperation with China cable group further, build high grade, efficient external environment with all one's strength, ensure project safety is advanced smoothly. Sichuan province hair changes appoint vice director Wang Guang 4 read out national hair changes appoint " about Sichuan first phase of power plant of Hua Diangong county 2 × 600 thousand kilowatt " go up to be pressed greatly small " the written reply to a subordinate body that builds project project approve " , company of county of a kind of jade introduced project general situation, construction unit delegate made a speech.
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