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Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain the area produces 8 level violent temblor, central industry appeared to weigh big personal casualty, the different also level such as equipment of the manufacturing living facilities of the enterprise, machine, manufactured goods, semi-manufactured goods, raw material was sufferred destroy.

After seismic happening, country of the State Council endowment appoint carry out the deploy that fulfils the Party Central Committee, the State Council and requirement seriously with central enterprise, urgent arouse, active organization, main investment is aseismatic provide disaster relief and rebuild after calamity. National endowment appoint in the earthquake that day afternoon 4 when hold urgent meeting, understand central enterprise the situation of a disaster, the lash-up that start beforehand case; Hold for many times thereafter appoint meeting of lash-up leader group and aseismatic provide disaster relief urgent video conference, communicate spirit of earthquake relief work of the State Council, research and deploy are aseismatic provide disaster relief concerned job, earthquake relief work of guidance of disaster area of development of vice director of director of Li Rong be in harmony, Li Wei, Jin Yang. Central enterprise faces especially big and natural disaster, start lash-up instantly beforehand case, begin in the organization save oneself, each other is saved and contribution contributes content (at present already accumulative total exceeds 3.2 billion yuan) while, expedite large quantities of rescuing teams, assemble a large number of rescuing equipment and goods and materials, make good set up an electric circuit with all one's strength the infrastructure rush to repair such as communication access and fulfil goods and materials providing disaster relief to guarantee the job, in aseismatic main effect was produced in provide disaster relief and rebuilding after calamity.

   One, go all lengths the life that rescue gets tired worker and masses each times.

The earthquake causes Chinese east family member of worker of numerous personal casualty of electric group company, part, student is buried in remains, what head office of project of railroad of group company, China belongs to the 2nd heavy machinery of Chinese industry of aviation of 2 bureaus, China is Cheng Fei company of company of the first group, medium the company is fast in the center of the periphery such as smelt metal group expedite rescuing team, carry out come to help. Bureau of project of the 3rd highway spurs limited company of group of Chinese traffic construction seismic happening was arrived at 1 hour only Jiang Yan gets together source middle school begins work providing disaster relief, already rescued 37 people before armed police rescuing team arrives. Qing Dynasty of company of group of Chinese chemical industry makes the same score phosphorite thousands of person is stranded in seismic calamity, national endowment appoint after receiving a report, contact with concerned respect instantly, request airdrop food and medicines and chemical reagents, the course tries hard, the worker that be stranded and all round masses success escape from a danger. According to not complete count, central enterprise is below the help of each square rescuing team, accumulative total gives 4000 much people from the rescue in remains.
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