Special high-pressured communication acceptance of work and start debug preparat

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On May 30, southeast 1000 kilovolt advance of company of national electrified wire netting, Nanyang, demonstrative project of test of communication of high pressure of Jing Men spy is started check and accept committee (next weighing that open appoint meeting) hold water and hold first time meeting, the mark is worn acceptance of work and start debugged preparation to work to be started in the round.

Zhen Ya of secretary of company leading Party group, general manager Liu is held the position of open appoint conference chairman committee member, bao Sen of Zheng of member of company leading Party group, vise general manager, Shu Yinbiao, Luan Jun holds the position of vice director committee member. Open appoint can set start check and accept group of spot headquarters, office, expert 3 orgnaizations, complete of Cheng of weaver of comprehensive and responsible group is checked and accept, start debug, try to move and transfer the work.

The conference listened to project, production preparation, attemper move, the system debugs plan to consider to wait for concerned job report, research, coordinated what project moves to concern major problem, arrangement deploy acceptance of work and start debugged concerned work. Shu Yinbiao moderates, the member that Zhang Liying of Wang Min of assistant of general manager of Luan Jun, company, chief engineer, expert is comprised and relevant unit chief attend the meeting.

Current, special electric installation has entered transformer substation of demonstrative project of high-pressured communication test height phase, group of circuit iron tower stands to be finished entirely, wiring construction spreads out in the round. According to the company's firm objective, special demonstrative project of high-pressured communication test will nowadays investment of building of the end of the year tries move, join movement formally first half of the year 2009.

Shu Yinbiao points out on the meeting, come 3 many years, build the unitive cooperation of the unit and steady work through broad ginseng, special each job pushs demonstrative project of high-pressured communication test quickly, obtained significant progress. But realise even adequately special the arduous sex of high-pressured project, produce the advantage that collectivize runs adequately, come true hammer and tongs build inside year, investment tries the target that move.

Conference requirement, each ginseng builds an unit to want to cooperate closely, unitive cooperation, ensure the project is harmonious advance, place of courtyard of each scientific research should arrange picked troops strong will, by plan, high quality the scientific research that finish, inspect is built and experiment task. Current, special the crucial phase that high-pressured equipment already entered development and trial in the round, should cogent had caught special the development of high-pressured equipment and for goods, the key seizes control of very crucial link, organize good spot construction meticulously, careful arrangement is fulfilled acceptance of work and start debug each task.
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