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On May 30 afternoon, premier of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council, the State Council is aseismatic Wen Jiabao of department commander in chief manages general director providing disaster relief hold ministry of commander in chief the 15th times the conference, research standard and strengthen aseismatic provide disaster relief the management that donates money other people,

The conference points out, aseismatic donation providing disaster relief endowment management should be abided by " donate of one's own accord, do not get apportion, esteem apiration, special fund is special, unite program, outstanding key, open and transparent, strengthen supervise " principle, cogent protection donator, suffer the legitimate rights and interests that gives support of the people disaster area beneficiary beneficiary. Receive donate should according to " donate a magic art " reach concerned regulation, accomplish formalities complete, only conform to of responsible, funds on account, account understands debt management, person specially assigned for a task or job, cogent assure to donate money other people to be used at entirely aseismatic provide disaster relief and rebuild after calamity, be not made by move he is used. All sorts of providing disaster relief donate want to be coordinated in the unity of the State Council and various government below reasonable use, respect the desire of donator adequately, raise capital to use benefit.

The conference emphasizes, the allocation of aseismatic goods and materials providing disaster relief wants the case according to stricken be hit by a natural adversity area, assure a key, accomplish open, fair, justice. Should announce deliverance standard to masses, enjoy deliverance condition and measure of goods and materials providing disaster relief, put an end to actor to kiss discrimination of thick friend, sex and age discrimination stoutly, safeguard the basic life rights and interests of disaster area masses. Allocation of goods and materials should assure demand already, want to avoid waste again. Should find a place for in the victim the dot establishs aseismatic goods and materials providing disaster relief to extend centrally dot, choose a certain number of renown masses extend on behalf of what participate in goods and materials and supervise the work, fair show chief list and connection pattern, let masses supervise.

Conference requirement, build goods and materials of aseismatic capital providing disaster relief to use administrative information to publish a system. Various government and accept organization of donative orgnaization, society to want to publicize the following matter actively to the society: Ranking government appropriate and the capital amount that this class government arranges, distribute a case, accept the origin that donates fund, amount, sort, allocate whereaboutldirection to reach use result, the breed that purchases item of goods and materials, amount, unit price, department of censorial, audit should be executed dog examination, announce supervisory audit result regularly, hand in brushstroke to understand account to social community.
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