Cloth of big Tang Fa social responsibility reported 2007

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On June 20, round company of Chinese big Tang Ji was released to the society " social responsibility reported 2007 " , this is the report of responsibility of the 2nd society that group of big Tang Ji issues. The report announced group of big Tang Ji to fulfilled the practice of social responsibility and achievement 2007 systematically in the round. Wang Ye of vice-chairman of superintendency committee of national electric power is smooth attend a news briefing, height evaluated the result that group of big Tang Ji is fulfilling social responsibility respect to obtain. Secretary of round leading Party group of big Tang Ji, general manager a surname is like I to make a speech on the news briefing.

Wang Ye is smooth say in the speech, 2007, round development carries out Datangji fulfil scientific progress to watch, perform social duty actively, insist to be attached most importance to with overall situation, insist to optimize development, safe development, clean development, managing development and the way that develop jointly, the safety in safeguard electrified wire netting and stability, safeguard the power market order, play in advancing power market to build main effect, supply to guarantee electric power, stimulative countryman economy good rapid development made positive contribution.

Wang Ye is smooth point out, this year the microtherm rain snow of the beginning of the year freezes natural disaster is mixed " 5 · 12 " before earth shake, datangji is round main organization is aseismatic provide disaster relief to save oneself with production the job, begin contribution to relinquish content activity eagerly, get the central sufficient affirmation with local government, get the wide recognition of social all circles, reflected the social responsibility consciousness with strong group of big Tang Ji, established the social figure with good business.

Wang Ye is smooth emphasize, during ensuring the estivate that greet a peak is met with the Olympic Games, power supply safety is current power industry a main task, also be power company current the biggest society liability. Hope group of big Tang Ji continues to carry on the enterprise central to tell the politics, good convention that considers overall situation, the good way of cooperation of power company solidarity, having doinging aseismatic provide disaster relief and while production resumes the work, overcome difficulty, had done each work that makes sure electric power is produced further, ensure aircrew generates electricity normally, generate electricity more, send good telegram, electrician is protected make during be the estivate that greet a peak and Olympic Games make contribution.

Di Reyu says in the speech, the enterprise is an economy organization not only, it is organic component of the society more.

While the enterprise is going after economic benefits, should assume a social responsibility in the round more, in order to achieve the sustainable progress of human society. Serve as central management, the oversize backbone company that has important place in national economy, the strategy that group of big Tang Ji blends in social responsibility self-consciously to the enterprise, culture and production manage whole process of the activity, the optimizing that whole thrust enters a business is development, safe development, clean development, managing develop and develop jointly, in good solid pace was stepped on the road of rapid development again. He points out, this year is country of the State Council endowment appoint promulgate " the directive opinion that performs social duty about central enterprise " the first year, also be Datangji the first year when the group adds bond of U.N. whole world. Group of big Tang Ji will carry out national endowment in the round appoint " directive opinion " , carry out principle of global bond decathlon seriously, fulfill social responsibility to blend in big the Tang Dynasty in development strategy and day-to-day management activity, responsibility of farther perfect society runs system and quota system, the balance that drives performance of round economy of big Tang Ji, society performance and environmental performance develops, promote company core competition ability, increase 500 strong pace of speed army world.
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