National electrified wire netting is become most bear the blame enterprise

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Morning paper dispatch (reporter Xing Fei) " responsibility of 2008 society of Hu Run enterprise 50 strong " yesterday publish a list of successful applicants, depending on this year in calamity of snow of beat back of the beginning of the year on beautiful expression, national electrified wire netting is replaced in the company that oil becomes China to have social responsibility most.

It is reported, main index includes the social responsibility that evaluates a company amount of force of leader of career of rights and interests of number of industry obtain employment and pay taxes amount, employee and environmental protection, commonweal and diaphaneity, charitable contribution 4 respects.

This is Hu Run releases this a list of names posted up the 4th year.

In 50 enterprises of a list of names posted up on this year, state-owned company has 21, civilian battalion enterprise is 17, foreign capital enterprise is 12, in endowment the scale of the enterprise was achieved 76% , relatively the scale of 68% had last year increase apparently. In addition, the donation of enterprise of the 50 a list of names posted up on the home amount is 5.9 billion yuan about, among them, in endowment the contribution amount of the enterprise exceeds 4.7 billion yuan, occupy 80% . Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad embellish represents only producer of a list of names posted up, "With before a few photograph comparing, in endowment the enterprise is become this year the leading role of social responsibility.

In enterprise of the 50 a list of names posted up on the home, expression most the electrified wire netting of country wanting number that grabs an eye, it is replaced not only in oil sits social responsibility 50 powerful head an ancient folding chair, and become the enterprise citizen with the easiest skill. National electrified wire netting achieves 110 million yuan for gross of contribute money of southern snow disaster, the China after fervent degree makes tighten therewith is mobile (contribution many yuan 4400) the sea in mixing is oily (contribution 32 million yuan) too far behind to catch up with.

In addition, national electrified wire netting still becomes number of contribution amount, obtain employment and commonweal career to head force the leader on these 3 index. Last year, pay taxes of national electrified wire netting 81.3 billion yuan, employee 1.5 million person. 2003 up to now, national electrified wire netting uses at social commonweal career cast a person to amount to 933 million yuan, what its past years will hope to impoverished area welfare of the construction of elementary school, disabled, aid hides a career to wait is contributory very active also. In March 2006, national electrified wire netting takes the lead in releasing " enterprise society responsibility reported 2005 " , become the first state-owned company that issues report of enterprise society responsibility.
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