Northwest, China in (Sichuan) go into operation of engineering of dc couplet net

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On May 7, northwest, China in (Sichuan) ceremony of go into operation of engineering of dc couplet net is in De Yang of Shaanxi treasure chicken, Sichuan is held at the same time. The start working of this project is built, indicate the company is in a national electrified wire netting it is important to in advancing electrified wire netting to cross project of area couplet net, was stridden again one pace, bigger to promoting power natural resources range optimizes configuration, help strength western economic progress has important sense.

Zhao Zhengyong of members of standing committee of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor, shaanxi saves Yang Yongmao of vice director of standing committee of National People's Congress, sichuan saves vice-governor Wang Ning, shu Yinbiao of member of leading Party group of company of national electrified wire netting, vise general manager, Luan Jun, liu Zhaoshao of assistant of company general manager, Lu Jian, national hair changes appoint, country of ministry of ministry of land natural resources, national environmental protection, the State Council endowment appoint, cartel of electric power of meeting, China meets national report inspect waited for concerned department leader to attend the start working ceremony that goes in treasure chicken and De Yangju respectively.

Northwest, China in (Sichuan) start of project of dc couplet net is changed for Shaanxi treasure chicken shed a station, placement is changed for Sichuan heart this world shed a station, will build 500 kilovolt of ± to change shed a station two, build dc line, make an appointment with 574 kilometre endlong, sichuan of by way of, Gansu Province, Shaanxi 3 provinces. The project sheds rated voltage ± continuously 500 kilovolt, carry a capacity 3 million kilowatt. Through each square joint efforts, this project scientific research, design, construction and equipment make the job be advanced steadily. Since project approve, each job is accelerated in the round, already completed engineering team design at present, change shed a station initial design and change equipment drifting a station advocate equipment is purchased, transmission network reconnaissance designs the job to undertaking, change shed a station " 3 are made the same score " wait for start working to prepare the job to be finished basically already, have formal start requirement. The project plans to built 2010.

Shu Yinbiao says in the speech, start working builds northwest, China in (Sichuan) project of dc couplet net, it is the seventeen great mind that company of national electrified wire netting carries out a party, implement scientific progress concept, promote the specific practice that establishs scientific and reasonable energy natural resources to carry a system integratedly. Project sense is great: It is strong stimulative the sources of energy resource is optimized configuration and efficient use, 2 it is to have remarkable economic benefits and social beneficial result, 3 it is net of couplet of electrified wire netting of stimulative whole nation, 4 it is to drive technology of equipment of dc transmit electricity to progress.
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