National report inspect is met Sichuan is aseismatic provide disaster relief pro

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Late on June 1 9 when, headquarters held thirteenth second conference, the conference grows Yang Kun to chair by assistant director, vice-chairman Wang Ye is smooth attended the meeting, listened to report of case of each group work, the conference undertook deploy to working next.

One, each group should stand fast post, continue to had done each work. Group of safety of hydroelectric station large dams wants advanced on the foundation that one phase works, act on the manner of science and be practical and realistic, the hydroelectric station large dams that suffers seismic effect to Min river drainage area is made in the round evaluate conclusion; Speak or sing alternately assists the job of harmonious group to want to support policy photograph union with national speak or sing alternately, the registering tabulation that donates goods and materials, allocate, circumstance feedback should make clear person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of, want to make news of good conduct propaganda at the same time; Rush to repair of electrified wire netting restores power supply group and integrated set to want to continue to do good electrified wire netting to restore statistical job and information to sign up for only, working brief newspaper sends wait for each job.

2, the job of below one phase will turn to be given priority to to do with Chengdu report inspect stage by stage, chengdu report inspect does what should do good work to join, assure aseismatic provide disaster relief those who keep electric job is successional. The job turns after receiving, the frame of whole job is changeless, routine does with Chengdu report inspect give priority to, headquarters of major item newspaper is decision-making.

3, should according to king Chairman Xu Dong " pay earthquake relief work single-handed, pay day-to-day superintendency work single-handed " requirement, chengdu report inspect does should realize two tactics to catch, neither by accident, the safety that should pay close attention to disaster area particularly currently is made for using electrician, strengthen electric power safety to superintend strength, to the key area and weak point should organize special safe inspection, supervise and urge power supply enterprise strengthens safe production management.