Hu Jintao chairs conference of the Political Bureau to ask to continue to do goo

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Standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China on May 22 morning to sit a meeting, study deploy continues to do good earthquake relief work with all one's strength. Hu Jintao of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China moderates.

The conference listened to the State Council aseismatic commander in chief providing disaster relief the department report about current earthquake relief work. The conference emphasizes, sichuan short of Wenshui River plain after disaster of especially big earthquake happens and other places, in the Party Central Committee, the State Council and adamancy of central the Central Military Commission the leader falls, the Party Committee of all levels of stricken be hit by a natural adversity province such as Sichuan, government and in the center of each concern a section urgent action, personnel of service of provision of officers and soldiers of troops of officers and men of people liberation army, armed police, commando and public security policeman fight bravely tenaciously, broad medical treatment defends make concerted effort of unripe personnel, journalist, Scientists and Technologists, disaster area is vast cadre masses saves oneself courageously, departmental door and social all circles support countrywide various places with all one's strength, chinese of abroad overseas Chinese eagerly contributory, international society uses aid actively, aseismatic provide disaster relief each job obtained significant progress, for outhit this aseismatic the tough fight that provide disaster relief laid solid foundation. The people of all nations of entire party horse and foot the great mind compose with all the people of one mind, people in the same condition help each other the heroic paean that constantly strive to become stronger of a the Chinese nation, solidarity struggles.

The conference points out, current, aseismatic situation providing disaster relief still austere, the task is very formidable, should continue aseismatic provide disaster relief as current the most important the urgentest task, solid had done each work. Should continue to rescue the masses that be stranded, cogent fulfil the job that rescue to each countryside, should clutch especially complete platoon checks outlying rural area, accomplish hard without one careless omission. Should continue to clutch cure injury masses, transmit serious wounded person better to the condition medical establishment cure as soon as possible, make sure goods and materials of emergency treatment of disaster area medical treatment is supplied, do one's best safeguard gets hurt masses life is safe. Want to continue to do work of very wholesome epidemic prevention, enrich force of professional epidemic prevention as soon as possible, epidemic prevention of aggrandizement disaster area, strengthen epidemic situation to monitor, ensure to big epidemic disease is not had after big calamity. Should issue air force to do masses of feel better calamity to find a place for the job, clutch allocate and transport commissariat, food, drinking water, garment goods and materials be waitinged for, accelerate tent, activity the board room production that is badly in need of goods and materials and allocate and transport, cogent safeguard is stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses lives basically, ensure they have a meal to eat, the garment is worn, clean water is drunk, have safe abode, should find a place for meticulously particularly good orphan, Gu incomplete of old, Gu. Should continue rush to repair because the infrastructure of calamity damage, should grab especially protect the reservoir that produces danger feeling, hydroelectric station and barrier lake, take strict precautions against secondary calamity causes new loss. Want to continue to do good idea work, note conciliation of manage of redo good intention and thought dredge, strengthen social management, uphold good society order, ensure stable, popular feeling stabilizes disaster area society. Should be in ensure safe condition falls, masses of cadre of constituent disaster area resumes production as soon as possible, active help is broad rush-planting of farmer rush in the harvest, resume agricultural production, positive innovation condition helps disaster area student restore to attend class, the loss that causes disaster of this field shake hard reduces lowermost rate.
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