Power industry ensures today summerly electric power is supplied in order normal

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Coal of demand growth, report is in an emergency, much place breach... today the high attention that the grim situation that electric power of summerly whole nation supplies causes square field surface increasingly.

During greeting peak estivate this year, be worth aseismatic provide disaster relief, disaster area restores to rebuild, during the 29th Olympic Games is held, ensure electric power is supplied crucial.

Face the grim situation that highlights increasingly, below the deploy that concerns a respect in the country and direct, the industry such as electric power, coal is critical the action, answer with all one's strength " electric power alarm affection " , force is protected today summerly electric power is supplied normally.

   Protect disaster area -- the 115 % that 5 days of peak load amount to Sichuan to was the same as day last year

Provide disaster relief reach disaster area to restore to rebuild to be being begun, electric power must assure; The summer is approached with electric height, the situation is more grim.

According to the urgent deploy that company of national electrified wire netting makes: Be aimed at during greeting peak estivate this year the grim situation of Sichuan power supply and demand, company of national electrified wire netting keeps force of the power transmission outside reducing Sichuan not only provincial evenly. And will produce advantage of big electrified wire netting, from China medium, Hua Dong organizes electric power " aid plain " .

According to concerned controller of national electrified wire netting Lu Jian discloses, already considered to adjust Henan aircrew to overhaul a plan to send Sichuan in order to increase Henan electric power, predict to be able to be amounted to 300 thousand - 500 thousand kilowatt.

It is reported, before June 10, national electrified wire netting will finish Sichuan in the round advocate electrified wire netting and the rush to repair that distribute equipment of damage of electrified wire netting and transform.

Be in company of Sichuan of China cable group, offer with all one's strength generate electricity safeguard, determined obedience provides disaster relief and restore working overall situation to be served as crushing all task. Current, the treasure that suffers seismic effect is bead temple power plant, violet aircrew of orchid dam power station moves to already returned to normal in the round production. Up to on June 2, power plant of treasure bead temple restores from unit tripping operation since, already finished electricenergy production 45 million kilowatt hour, day all electricenergy production 2.38 million kilowatt hour; Violet orchid dam power station finishs electricenergy production 10.47 million kilowatt hour, day all electricenergy production 550 thousand kilowatt hour.

Aircrew of power plant of hall of electric group gold throws the country that is located in shake area entirely move, become seismic disaster area generate electricity one of brunt factories.
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