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"Ego pressurization, in active and aseismatic provide disaster relief while, do good Olympic Games to keep report and job of the estivate that greet a peak, cross difficulty in all with country, people. " on May 23, on the aseismatic press conference providing disaster relief that holds in company of national electrified wire netting, assistant of company news spokesman, general manager holds concurrently when Lu Jian of Liaison Division director is answering media reporter to quiz, express external, although company of national electrified wire netting is in Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain especially big epicenter loss is severe, do construction of good electrified wire netting, Olympic Games to protect the working face such as report to face enormous pressure, but extensive staff make concerted effort, strive to finish annual satisfactorily each index.

According to the news that the news briefing reports, the earthquake causes company system to weigh big personal casualty and belongings loss. Up to on May 22 17 when, system of company of national electrified wire netting already had 66 employee to die, 357 people are missing or lose connection, 379 people are injured. The power facilities of disaster area and electrified wire netting move be played havoc with, accumulative total halts use 35 kilovolt and above transformer substation 247, halt use 10 kilovolt and above transmission network 1643, sichuan, Gansu Province, Shaanxi, Chongqing is saved 4 times (city) power supply of 110 23 ground city, counties is affected. According to not complete count, immediate pecuniary loss predicts national electrified wire netting more than 10 billion yuan.

After shake disaster happens, company of national electrified wire netting carries out the working deploy that fulfils the Party Central Committee, the State Council seriously, produce the advantage that collectivize runs, take effective measures, throw earthquake relief work with all one's strength, already fetched significant level sex gain at present: Electrified wire netting of Shaanxi, Chongqing, Gansu Province already returned to normal in the round power supply. Sichuan weighs disaster area (this world of Chengdu, De Yang, continous, wide yuan) need restores power supply user to already restored power supply to even more 9 into, predict to be in June 10 before restore in the round.

Current, recover the user of power supply to need, have the place of power supply demand namely, national electrified wire netting is coordinating next clutching in local government rush to repair. Do not have the user of demand at present to the part, include to different ground rebuilds and need governmental platoon to check cognizance user, national electrified wire netting will ask to undertake science plans according to the government, ensure electric power is supplied.

News briefing bulletin, 950 lash-up that company of national electrified wire netting assembles from company of each net province generate electricity equipment already entered disaster area entirely, the principal user such as medical treatment of safeguard disaster area, direct, traffic lives basically with report and disaster area with report, main effect was produced in early days rescuing job. Current, lash-up generates electricity equipment still not have more than needed, but company of national electrified wire netting shows clearly, want disaster area to have need only, will save a company to assemble all right again from other net at any time, the force that starts entire company boosts disaster area.
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