The establishment of 10 kilovolt above that Sichuan electrified wire netting nee

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On June 10 18 when 48 minutes, as continous this world city installs a county how to always press down the 35 kilovolt that to north beat of plain county beat a drum presses down always line of beat a drum restores power transmission, the 10 kilovolt that company of power of province of Sichuan of national electrified wire netting needs to restore because of calamity and above power facilities, restore to move entirely.

So far, after aid of company of power of city of other province of company of power of course Sichuan province and company of national electrified wire netting builds a team to fight bravely 29 days jointly, sichuan advocate electrified wire netting and rush to repair of installation of distribution network damage and transform the job, finish successfully by the plan.

In this earthquake, 35 kilovolt of company of power of province of Sichuan of national electrified wire netting and above transformer substation are damaged 171, among them recoverable 155, already restored entirely. 10 kilovolt and road of above report line of force are damaged 2769, among them recoverable 2607, already restored entirely.

In 171 transformer substation that are damaged in Sichuan electrified wire netting, mar 17 completely already, need place to restore 5 to rebuild, need 12 to plan to rebuild, need restores to rebuild circuit 61, company of power of province of Sichuan of national electrified wire netting is organizing force to work overtime begin restore to rebuild the job.

Side of local electrified wire netting is supported in speak or sing alternately of national electrified wire netting, end on June 9 17 when, the Sichuan, Henan, Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, province such as Jiangxi (city) power company parts aid is built plain of short of Wenshui River, north plain (countryside of Xuan level ground and Yu Li countryside because barrier lake floods of short duration not to have electrify requirement outside) , loose Pan, luxuriant county, .

Be in early on June 5, the day electricenergy production of Sichuan electrified wire netting amounts to 272 million kilowatt hour, 102.11% before be equivalent to calamity, daily expense n is 259 million kilowatt hour, 104% before achieving disaster; Entire network height generates electricity bear 14.02 million kilowatt, 101.30% before achieving disaster, the bear that use phone 13.21 million kilowatt, 100.84% before achieving disaster. This makes clear outside removing air temperature ascendant factor, the pattern that Sichuan economy grows was not affected because of the earthquake and produce big change, sichuan economy restores faster.