Rush to repair of electric power of seismic disaster area and rebuild working co

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The country develops innovation appoint, inspect of report of bureau of national energy resources, state is met and government of Sichuan province people holds electric power of seismic disaster area in Chengdu this morning rush to repair and rebuild working conference. Conference decision, establish electrified wire netting of seismic disaster area rush to repair and restore to rebuild leader group, comprehensive and responsible superintend and director guides, the organization is harmonious rush to repair of electrified wire netting concerns the job with what restore.

It is reported, establishment caused the electrified wire netting that shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River weighs calamity county 21 times to Sichuan to play havoc with. After seismic happening, company of national electrified wire netting and local power company organize force quickly to throw rush to repair to work, national report inspect also can be in enter state of one class lash-up for a short while, establish aseismatic provide disaster relief headquarters of front of the job that defend report, understand facilities of disaster area power to damage circumstance and rush to repair restore power supply situation in the round, build speak or sing alternately to assist harmonious mechanism, arouse the relevant unit such as power company assists disaster area to fight calamity and restore to rebuild, in the meantime, the problem that be in and difficulty are put in paying close attention to power company actively to rebuild after calamity. But mar as a result of power facilities serious, still have a share at present stricken be hit by a natural adversity area has not renew power supply, had renewed power supply have many be generate electricity with derv lash-up power supply, be defeated change electric establishment has not restore. Especially stricken be hit by a natural adversity and serious county (city) enterprise of local power supply relies on oneself force to restore to be put in greater difficulty. Current, restore power supply to already was become as soon as possible ensure the fundamental condition of aseismatic success providing disaster relief, restore to produce life order to have important sense as soon as possible to promoting disaster area.

The State Council is aseismatic infrastructure of ministry ahead headquarters restores commander in chief providing disaster relief rebuild Zhang Guobao of director of bureau of energy resources of group controller, nation points out, restore disaster area electric power to supply, should set out from overall situation break system and district limitation, arouse each field force, constituent rush to repair works, satisfying aseismatic provide disaster relief report of urgent urgent need while, complete installation of damage electrified wire netting in the round as soon as possible rush to repair and rebuild the job, the run mode of electrified wire netting that returns to normal stage by stage. In the meantime, want full-scale investigation to analyse the effect that power facilities damage and shake calamity cause, science assesses situation of power demand change, give attention to two or morethings temporarily power supply and long-term development, make balance of n of good electric power; Should combine disaster area to restore to rebuild overall planning and industrial position are adjusted, make detailed electrified wire netting rush to repair and restore to rebuild program program; According to intensity of earthquake of stricken be hit by a natural adversity area differentiate afresh, want to raise aseismatic level appropriately to main line and transformer substation. Particularly important is, want currently do good dweller to find a place for job of dot power supply carries program, erect of as soon as possible offers electrical wiring way, find a place for for the dweller take good Wu.
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