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Power system not the night of Mian: Electrified wire netting of rush to repair of one class lash-up

On May 12 14 when 28 minutes, sichuan short of Wenshui River plain county 7.8 class earthquake, far the national electric power that is in Beijing Xidan superintends committee (next abbreviation report inspect are met) shake sense is clear. After snow of rain of low temperature of afterwards the beginning of the year puts aspic calamity on the ice, power industry undergoes test again.

Subsequently, power whole system begins with time race, after electric inspect also can enter an earthquake with company of national electrified wire netting the first not the night of Mian.

After about 7 minutes, electric inspect can hold the post of to sit a meeting of Xudong of king of secretary of leading Party group, chairman newly, sent the first urgent letter to power system each unit, two tasks: Understand electric power to get calamity case; Ensure electric power of spot providing disaster relief is ensured.

And after holding urgent meeting in the State Council, time is close already in the evening 9:30, king Xu Dong calls together national electrified wire netting again relevant leader attends a meeting, research fights calamity countermeasure.

Before dawn at 12 o'clock, electric inspect is met an urgent announcement with bright pass cable to be given out from Beijing, announce power whole system enters state of one class lash-up at the same time.

Strengthen large dams to monitor

The situation of a disaster is urgent. According to reporter understanding, meet in electric inspect before urgent announcement allots, electric inspect meets a vice-chairman Shi Yubo already flew to Sichuan disaster area at 12 days of evening, directive electric power fights calamity rush to deal with an emergency.

That evening, the situation of a disaster passes wire back inspect in succession meeting headquarters. Zhang Yu of section chief of meeting office of information tells electric inspect the reporter: "Already mastered circumstance of damage of electric power of a few disaster area at present, specific still be in statistic, because Sichuan place is little water and electricity is numerous, attributive more complex, a lot of belong to local government, so statistic needs proper time. So statistic needs proper time..

Zhang Yu points out: "Electric inspect can ask concerned power unit wants hammer and tongs, rehabilitate disaster area as soon as possible normal electric power is supplied, make the preparation of goods and materials of rush to deal with an emergency of good electric power and team of rush to deal with an emergency at the same time, ensure aseismatic the electric power that provide disaster relief supplies safeguard.

After can urgent announcement issues watch of 12 days of late report, each power unit also immediately enters state of one class lash-up, start corresponding beforehand case, begin seismic disaster area in time to reach suffer affect the electric power rush to deal with an emergency of the area provides disaster relief resume the work.
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