The protection of electromotor often controls means to have particular concern w

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The protection of electromotor and control relation
The protection of electromotor often controls means to have particular concern with its, there is control in be being protected namely, there is protection in control. When starting directly like electromotor, often arise 4, the starting electric current of 7 times rated electric current. If will control by contactor or breaker, criterion of electric equipment touch a head to should bear of starting electric current put through and disjunction assessment, even if the contactor that can operate often also can be caused touch a head to wear away aggravate, electric equipment of attaint of as a result; To breaker of type of plastic outer covering, even if not frequent operation, very inaccessible also requirement. Accordingly, in use, often be in with starter series connection advocate use together in loop, right now by starter medium contactor is borne the weight of put through the assessment of starting electric current, and other electric equipment bears the weight of only the assessment of the disjunction of electromotor overload electric current that in running normally, appears, as to protective function, will finish by the protector of form a complete set.
In addition, still can use to the control of electromotor without contact means, use system of soft starting control namely. Electromotor advocate loop is put through by brilliant brake canal with disjunction. Some lasts to avoid what go up in these component loss, vacuum contactor is used to bear the weight of in moving normally advocate loop (paralell connection is on brilliant brake canal) laden. This kind of control has programmed control or be not programmed control; Accuse nearly or far accuse; Slow fast start or start quickly wait for a variety of means. Additional, depend on electronic circuitry, be like,accomplish very easily electronic type relay all sorts of in that way protection functions.