1, 000MW exceeds exceed fill of critical dynamo rotor 1 billion made of baked cl

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China 2 heavy on August 26 message, on August 24, china 2 forging again a 1 billion made of baked clay aircrew exceed workshop of factory heat treatment exceed critical dynamo rotor to be in last a period of time after gush water of 9 hours, one-time quench successful, this rotor weight is 101 tons, diameter 1, 451 millimeter, full-length 14, 910 millimeter, be up to now the length that 2 renascence of Chinese produce the dynamo rotor with the longest, the heaviest weight, it is China the first homebred rotor of dynamo of 1 billion made of baked clay aircrew.

1, 000MW exceeds because requirement of its technology requirement is very slashing,exceed critical dynamo rotor, groovy method is very inaccessible its technology requirement, production difficulty is great, all depend on previously import from abroad.