Circuit of control of dc machine drive is overall structure

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Cent of circuit of control of dc machine drive keeps apart logic of drive of circuit, electric machinery for photoelectricity the 4 parts such as circuit of drive of power of bridge of circuit of pump of circuit of enlarge of signal of circuit, drive, charge, H, its circuit block diagram is shown 1 times like the graph.

Can see by the graph, the periphery interface of circuit of control of electric machinery drive is simple. Its basically control signal to have PWM of signal of timing of electric machinery of Dir of signal of way of electric machinery movement and Brake of signal of electric machinery apply the brake, vcc provides power source for part of drive logic circuit, vm is voltage of electric machinery power source, m, M- is dc machine interface.

In high-power drive system, drive loop and control loop electric segregation, outside reducing drive to control circuit to be opposite, the ministry controls the interference of circuit. The circuit of logic of drive of electric machinery of control signal classics after segregation produces electric machinery logic to control signal, control the fluctuation arm of H bridge respectively. Increase by high-power N raceway groove as a result of H bridge model field effect canal is formed, cannot control signal by electric machinery logic direct drive, must magnify via drive signal circuit and charge pump circuit undertake enlarge to controlling signal, next circuit of drive of power of drive H bridge comes drive dc electric machinery.