Meaning law semiconductor rolled out surface of a 250A to stick the power MOSFET

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New product STV250N55F3 is on the market first integrated ST PowerSO-10™Enclose the power MOSFET that brings technology of wedge solder bond with down-lead, the resistor rate that encloses without naked chip is extremely low. New product uses the high density STripFET III of ST™Make Cheng, the model guides electrify block is Europe of 1.5 fine long hair only. STripFET III more advantage includes: Switch loss is small, fight avalanche function strong. Except rise medicinal powder outside thermal efficiency, 9 lines source extremely join configuration still conduces to reduce resistance. When 25 ℃ , enclosed rated power is 300W.
The tall rated electric current of new product makes an engineer OK design the MOSFET of many paralell connection, achieve the goal that saves circuit board space and cost of material. Drive threshold presses the standard to still conduce to simplify the design of drive circuit. STV250N55F3 applies to the power facilities that is as high as 55V.
The working temperature that is as high as 175 ℃ makes STV250N55F3 applies to traction equipment of power of strong electric current, if forklift, golf uses car and unload of dynamoelectric tray outfit and mower, electric wheelchair and dynamoelectric bicycle. New product passes the avalanche test of 100% in brilliant circle and finished product phase, wore a gender to provide strong safeguard for dependability and beat back. New product will reach level of quality of car form product very quickly.