SA60 and LMD18245 are medium or small dc machine

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SA60 and LMD18245 are American Apex company and NS company respectively roll out face medium or small the complete bridge power of dc machine outputs circuit. They are had already outer the power drive that electric machinery realizes below the case that accepts a few component, control and the general character that provide the function such as protection, have respective distinguishing feature again. Characteristic of foot, function and its representative application are brought to make an introduction with respect to its below.

The performance data of SA60 reachs applied range

Of SA60 is chip of output of a PWM power, circuit offers the power source voltage of electric machinery to be able to achieve 80V most, can provide the electricity of 10A to load continuously. The biggest imitate inputs voltage 5V, frequency of PWM carrier wave can arrive 250kHz, and efficiency can be as high as 97 % , this chip is OK still outside receive but compatible TTL the signal of PWM comes the amplitude of 4 quadrantal mode mixes synchronism direction. SA60 basically applies in drive medium or small dc machine, d kind power enlarge, the circumstance such as bearing drive.

  The performance data of LMD18245 reachs applied range

LMD18245 chip can offer the power source voltage of the biggest 55V for electric machinery, 12V of logistic circuit voltage, the biggest continuously electric current outputs 3A, peak value electric current can amount to 6A, width of pulse of the smallest input 2 μ S, voltaic sensor is the biggest 9 % of linear error ± . Like SA60, this power outputs class to have very tall efficiency. Because be in chip compositive converter of 4 D/ A and sensor of electric machinery electric current, fixed the circuit such as the behead wave amplifier that cuts off time, so LMD18254 finishs the number of pair of electric machinery electric current very easily to control, implementation pace takes the small step drive of electric machinery. Accordingly, this chip basically is used at small-sized dc electric machinery especially on the control that the pace takes electric machinery and drive.