Dynamo breakdown is analysed

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1, the dynamo does not generate electricity case study:

Excitation wiring becomes loose or excitation opens circuit;

Remanence disappears or sex of remnant magnetic pole is turned over (or the dynamo inverts) ;

Rotate rectifier breakdown (alternator) ;

Brush and commutate child the contact is undesirable, rectification child too dirty or rectification child the diameter is less than a standard or brush bedspring pressure is too little (dc dynamo) ;

Dynamo transmission shaft or dynamo and pull the join rod that uses a station to break (dynamo armature cannot turn) ;

2, the dynamo outputs report to press small common case study:

Drive rotate speed is low (under rated rotate speed) ;

Excitation loop resistance is too great (or the contact is undesirable) ;

Rotate rectifier breakdown (alternator) ;

Brush interface is too small, bedspring pressure is too little, the contact is undesirable (dc dynamo) ;

Stator winding or excitation winding have local short circuit or ground connection trouble.

3, alternator three-phase voltage is lopsided case study:

Wiring becomes loose or photograph of stator winding some or two-phase wiring become loose;

Photograph of stator winding some or two-phase open circuit or short circuit;

Load of three-phase of road of dispatches from foreign news agency is lopsided.

4, the dynamo issues abnormal sound case study in motion line of business:

Bearing wears away cause a dynamo prejudicial, rotor and stator photograph grind;

Medicinal powder installation of sirocco fan lamina does not reach the designated position, cause blade and housing photograph to grind;

Commutator (rectification child) sheet copper uneven or the mica sheet of insulation is bulgy cause brush to grind (dc dynamo) ;

Too hard or brush is individual brush is too hard (dc dynamo) ;

Brush pressure impropriety, too big or too small (dc dynamo) ;

Bear is overweight (load passes big or bearing is lubricant bad or bearing damages or some bolt screw cap when installation become loose or do not reach the designated position) .

5, the dynamo carries case study of fume of the interior in travel:

Short circuit of alternate with of stator winding v/LIT all over the ground occasional;

The dynamo passes negative charge badly;

Wiring has by accident;

The dynamo is serious be affected with damp be affected with damp or insulation are bad.