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Be in early 2001 " immediately respond to a news " , enter market of our country wind- driven dynamo always company of aid electric machinery. Face the market with broad transducer of report of our country wind to develop a space, reach plant of leader of domestic wind report to hope to be in 2, system of full implementation control is homebred inside 3 years the great opportunity that turn, in the wind-force of our country of market share dominant with 70% above the dynamo develops way while, have the aid of is in the frequency conversion technology of railroad engine domain, innovate again through absorbing, the technical harbour that reachs car of group of motor-car of our country of own research and development, factory has, cooperate with the school, joint research and development gave transducer of report of made of baked clay wind of first 1.5 million, finish function to experiment, came true to be in super- synchronous, inferior electric current of factor of the high-power inside limits of synchronous rotate speed, high power, low harmonic and the net generates electricity. 2007 always company of aid electric machinery is through the means of own research and development on the foundation of original transducer undertook a series of technical innovation and project are changed transform, research and development gives transducer of double feed machine, the 1.5 million that with Yuyongji electric machinery company produces are made of baked clay double make a present of is wind- driven type of dynamo double make a present of experiments. In by a definite date the dependability of 2 months is assessed in, this product already completed the test of more than 100 electric machinery.

As we have learned, be in to accelerate our country of market of fittings of key of report of this one wind homebred change pace, 2007, always company of aid electric machinery was declared to hall of Shanxi province science and technology " dynamo of asynchronous of wind-force of 2MW double make a present of and control system and transducer development " project, include a province item of science and technology, obtain province government support of capital of 1.5 million yuan of research and development. Built can experiment the experiment platform of transducer of report of 3 million made of baked clay wind, after investment is used, can reach a trial every months the ability of 200 transducer.

Be in actually this year on June 25 on the congress of wind energy of the 5th Asia of Beijing exhibition and exhibition of equipment of international wind energy, rely on technical advantage in the light of the wind phone company such as foreign ABB, VACON, to our country the forestall of market of this one crucial part, company of domestic wind phone gave out hope home manufacturer to be able to provide the controls a system voice of high quality jointly.