The development general situation of dynamo breaker

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From this century rise at the beginning of 40 time, as industry, production level rise and increase of power demand ceaselessly, the production of high capacity generation set is made become a possibility not only, and the demand that makes demand of contented power market. Increase of the capacity ceaselessly as dynamo stand-alone cause short-circuit current to rise quickly, make common middling pressure switch already cannot satisfy the requirement of ability, at the same time to raise sex of on the safe side, brought about from close to be used extensively of wiring of unit of the rapid development of bus and dynamo, transformer. To 60 time metaphase, to simplify the moving operation of the power plant, increase the need of the usable rate of aircrew and nuclear cable technology, it is very necessary that more and more experts think to adopt dynamo breaker. Be this kind of need brought about BBC company to developed the first to be able to be in 1969 breaker of the DR that machine end operates large dynamo directly air. This breaker is from structure of photograph type whole sealing, destroy with compressing air to be arc medium, hold motive compose to also be used compress air, rated electric current amounts to 50000A, open ability to be 250kA, among them rated electric current uses natural wind for the breaker under 11000A cold, 11000 ~ 20000A is used force boiler circulation wind cold, 20000 ~ 50000A is water-cooling. Join movement from the first DR breaker up to now, BBC/ABB accrete produced about 600 to put in the market, its fault rate narrows 0.5 % are controlled stage by stage, and gradually hasten is stable. Operation fault rate is 20 × 10 - 6, be equivalent to an operation 50000 times appearing breakdown, this one index relatively high-pressured breaker is 20 times lower the left and right sides. ABB rolled out breaker of dynamo of the first HE SF6 1984, use SF6 gas to regard as destroy arc medium, hold motive compose to still be pneumatic. It uses SF6 gas to destroy oneself arc (Selt - Extinguishing) principle, will heat by the electric arc of the generation when the departure that touch a head SF6 gas, make its expand, form the gas that extinguish arc place requires, voltaic shedding is too fixed at the same time touch the coil inside the head to produce magnetic field, bring about electric arc to rotate, come in order to make the burn to touching a head is reduced lowermost limit, and relatively independent load is touched head and destroy arc touchs a head, assured to carry continuously shed ability. In March 1996, the HEC that ABB develops, 8 model dynamo breaker passed Holand KEMA to experiment, rated electric current can amount to this breaker 24000A, open ability to amount to 160kA, make SF6 breaker is used at 600MW dynamo exit to become a possibility. Because the adoption of SF6 makes the structure of whole breaker more hasten is compact, fault rate is lower also, 1200 HE of ABB company (HEC and the fault rate of HEK) dynamo breaker are less than 0.3 % . Now dynamo breaker already was a breaker not just, however compositive the dynamo such as switch of voltage transformer, electric current transformer, switch-disconnector, ground connection and advocate the equipment between transformer, make the assorted electric equipment that has a variety of functions. Besides ABB company, french GEC, the ALSTOM company, company such as 3 water chestnut of Japanese also developed SF6 dynamo breaker early or late. GEC, the history that ALSTOM company produces production dynamo is longer, although it also produces SF6 dynamo breaker, but it is in order to produce be good at of breaker of air type dynamo. The progress of SF6 dynamo breaker that it produces is slower, and the size is small also. The biggest parameter of breaker of air type dynamo is: Rated voltage 36kV, 37500A of rated electric current, switched current 275kA. Breaker of air type dynamo is to use compress air to be mixed as insulation medium destroy the operation of arc medium and breaker and refrigeration use gas. Although breaker of air type dynamo is sex of a kind of series the product with strong, expensive versatility, but its over all dimension is big, cover an area of much, the price is high, and still need additional peripheral buy to reduce air system. The insulation medium that 3 water chestnut companies of Japanese began to produce dynamo breaker to use 1977 is SF6 gas, its are the biggest switched current is 110kA, open a time 10 times; When opening 42000A of rated electric current open a frequency to be 50 times. At present switched current is in for the dynamo breaker of 125kA in making. Generate electricity besides the SF6 that regards insulation as medium with SF6 gas and air outside machine breaker and breaker of air type dynamo, 80 time end used vacuum technique to develop vacuum dynamo breaker again at the beginning of 90 time, breaker of this kind of dynamo is the company develops Xi Menzi and produce by Germany. Series of 8BK40, 8BK41 is breaker of the vacuum that door subsidiary produces on the west dynamo namely, its are rated voltage 7.2 ~ 17.5kV, among them the rated electric current of 8BK40? 5000A, the biggest switched current is 63kA; The rated electric current of 8BK41 4000 ~ 12000A, the biggest switched current is 80kA. Because vacuum dynamo breaker is in on the level be restricted, switched current is more than the vacuum breaker of 63kA to create special already difficulty, and the price is higher also, at present so vacuum dynamo breaker is measured in Xiaorong use in aircrew more, the use in big unit is restricted. The development level of domestic dynamo breaker still is compared comparatively low, only at present switchgear plant of Shenyang high pressure produces dynamo breaker, 80 time, introduce French GEC, ALSTOM makes a technology, begin to develop PKG2 dynamo breaker, this model breaker begins to come to already was in factory of water and electricity of Ge Zhou dam to join movement 1988 from 1986 14, total moving case is still good, but this product volume noise is big, big, safeguard workload bigger. Have knowledge, factory of water and electricity of arrowroot city dam already changed these 14 breaker entirely the SF6 breaker that is ABB company. At present switchgear plant of Shenyang high pressure is developing SF6 dynamo breaker in positive development. As a result of the uniqueness of dynamo breaker, dynamo breaker is divided need to satisfy existing switch to make a standard be like IEC56, 1987(High - Voltage Altemating - Current Circuit - Breakers) , IEEE/ANSI - C37.08, 1987, IEC694, 1980(Common Clauses For High - Voltage Switch - Gear And Control - Gear Standards) , IEC298, 1990(A.C.metal - Enclosed Switch - beyond Gear And Control Gear For Rated Voltages Above 1kV And Up To And Including 52kV) , IEEE promulgated those who use at dynamo breaker technically still to make a standard 1993: IEEE C37.013, 1993(ANSI/IEEE Standard For AC High - Voltage Generator Circuit Breakers Rated On A Symmetrical Current Basis) , thereby normative of contemporary dynamo breaker make, experiment and installation standard. Our country also issues corresponding occupation standard and national standard in succession: DL427 - 92 " indoor model alternator breaker orders goods technical condition " , GB/T14824 " dynamo breaker is general technical standard " .

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