System of timing of switch magnetoresistive electric machinery (abbreviation SRD

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System of timing of switch magnetoresistive electric machinery (abbreviation SRD system) it is system of a kind of new-style stepless communication timing, it holds the good point that falls dc timing system concurrently, structure of ① electric machinery is simple and strong, maintenance-free, timing is convenient, function is reliable, can remove apply the brake, positive and negative often to turn, electric machinery is not afraid of heat. 150% what ② electric machinery starts torsion to be rated torsion, and 30% what starting electric current is rated electric current only. 1% what sky of ③ electric machinery carries electric current to be rated electric current only. ④ electric machinery is peculiar cut off the power function of apply the brake, avoid bed face to develop a workbench. A lot of advantage makes its show itself in a variety of timing plan, inverting often in such as double housing planer the application on the machine that has apply the brake, the effect is highlighted particularly.

October 2005, national hair changes appoint, total bureau of environmental protection of ministry of science and technology, country releases energy-saving and directive document jointly, already had system of timing of switch magnetoresistive electromotor popularizing as energy-saving product, had gotten admissive in the market, its are energy-saving fall a confusion of voices, raise the advantage such as dependability to had gotten broad the praise that transforms an user and affirmation.

System of electric machinery of magnetoresistive of switch of system of electromotor of switch magnetoresistive timing is unifinication of a kind of Electromechanical energy-saving model system of timing electric machinery. The principle of switch magnetoresistive electric machinery is abided by " the principle with the smallest magnetoresistive " magnetic flux always is along magnetoresistive the smallest way closes, magnetic field is consequently screwy and the electromagnetism torsion that produces magnetoresistive quality, system of switch magnetoresistive electric machinery is by switch magnetoresistive electromotor, power transformation implement reach controller composition. The dc that is the same as a tradition and system of timing of alternating current machine are compared, have the following advantage: Electric machinery structure simple, solid, production cost is low; Efficiency is tall, fall in rated output condition not only, and also can keep efficient inside broad timing range move; Average system efficiency amounts to 80% above; The torsion that start the big, electric current that start is small; Performance of apply the brake is good, can realize regenerative braking, effect of managing electric energy is distinct; Performance of systematic adjusting control is good, can realize 4 quadrant to control quick control; Safeguard convenient, have without brush a structure, agree with in tall dust, high speed, combustible explode easily etc move below harsh environment; Can apply in all trades and professions.
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