Come nearly 10 years, electric machinery of asynchronous of main development com

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Compare with photograph of original system of dc drawing electric machinery, have clear advantage, its stress a good point is bulk small, quality is light (its are 0.5-1.0kg/Kw than quality) , efficiency is tall, basic range of maintenance-free, timing is wide. Its consider to develop the current situation and development trend to be as follows.
1. System of drive of asynchronous electric machinery
· asynchronous electric machinery its characteristic is a structure simple, hard usage, cost is low, move reliable, low torsion is pulsatile, low noise, do not need positional sensor, rotate speed limit is tall.
Vector of · asynchronous electric machinery controls timing technology to compare maturity, make system of drive of asynchronous electric machinery has clear advantage, accordingly by the drive system that uses earlier at electric car, the mainstream product that remains system of electric car drive at present (be in the United States especially) , but already by other new-style without brush system of drive of electric machinery of permanent magnetism drawing to be replaced stage by stage.
· is the biggest defect is drive circuit complex, cost is high; electric machinery of opposite permanent magnetism, efficiency of asynchronous electric machinery and power density on the low side.
2. Without brush system of drive of electric machinery of permanent magnetism synchronism
Without brush electric machinery of permanent magnetism synchronism to be able to be used cylindrical structure of radial magnetic field or structure of magnetic field of disk type axial, because have higher power density and efficiency and broad timing range, development perspective is very wide, strong competitor is in electric machinery of electric car drawing, already was in application is won domestic and internationally in a variety of electric car.
Electric machinery of synchronism of permanent magnetism of type of the buy inside · also calls electric machinery of magnetoresistive of Composite permanent magnetism. This electric machinery added magnetoresistive torsion in the alternate on the foundation of permanent magnetism torsion, the existence of magnetoresistive torsion conduces to the overload capacity that increases electric machinery and power density, and lose easily magnetism timing, enlarge constant power limits to move. Inside the design of system of drive of electric machinery of synchronism of buy type permanent magnetism is being perfected ceaselessly theoretically and continue thorough, this chance construction is agile, the design is spent freely big, hopeful gets high-powered, suit to use as electric car is efficient, high density, wide timing drawing drive. These caused the attention of person of the same trades of each big Motor Corporation, gained the favour that Japanese Motor Corporation travels together especially. Current, person of the same trade of American Motor Corporation basically is used in new model design inside electric machinery of synchronism of buy type permanent magnetism.   
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